Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let's give this a try!

Okay...we are going to give this blog thing a try. I know that there must be people out there that are just dying to know what all goes on in this crazy household. I also know there are people just dying to know about everything that has gone down in the past. Maybe writing this will help me to gain insight and help me to be a better person and help those around us to understand us a little better as well! I promise I will use the drama, sarcasm, and humor that I always possess so anyone who chooses to judge, take offense or lecture can choose not to read, as with all blog posts I'm sure. Please keep in mind that I am a 4th grade writing teacher but very often do not practice what I preach knowing that spell check is available when I remember to use it.

Last night every female in this house shed tears at some time. Tim is not used to having a teenage girl and her friends around. While his daughter is not used to having any freedom, due to her mothers strong control. Therefore....tears! My girls wanted to go with their aunt to dinner. This is one of those gray areas that we are still trying to learn to deal with. Should I let them go with Tim's kids here? (this is not a question that I want others to answer it is one that we need to "figure" out) The rule is that all of the kids can participate in their normal activities with out having to include siblings and step-siblings. However, when it comes to family that is a TOUCHY subject, one that weighs heavily on my heart especially this holiday season. In most instances I try to govern with the approach that "how would you feel if..." So how would my kids feel if Tim's kids were invited to go somewhere fun say with Tim's parents and they were left behind??? Now auntie did not know that we had Tim's kids this weekend. I realize that it is allot to ask someone to take on 3 extra kids. Anyway without going into great boring detail with all of the what ifs and such you can see that this is a sticky situation. One with no steadfast rules or solutions. So for now I just have to do the best that I can and make the best judgements that I can and pray that time will work things out. I know that this marriage is so much to ask of everyone including our extended families. It is complicated and very stressful at times. But I can see God's abundant blessings pouring in.
More about those blessings and trials to come...