Sunday, February 6, 2011

This was a pretty uneventful weekend. The whole family was home Friday night and that is pretty rare. Haylee set up a Scentsy business. I am really proud of her. I know its hard for her when all of her friends are getting cars and other things given to them and we want our kids to work for them. I will write about this another time.
We showed the house today. While we were out we went to A Cup of Yo. I had a $10 gift certificate which I paid only $5 on Living Social. If you are not a member I highly recommend you join. We also went to Ashley Furniture to look around and get ideas for the new house. I am not sure I will find anything I like there, but its fun to get the kids excited. I hope we sell our house soon I hate to see them so excited while I know that it can take a very long time to sell a house. I have never bought new furniture aside from maybe a recliner many many years ago and a sofa and love seat at Sam's that I had to sell my travel trailer to buy. I was always so financially dependent( I guess I really still am) from mistakes I made early on that all I have ever really had were hand me downs. This is the type of bondage I hope to spare my children.
Tim and the little boys and I stayed in for the Super Bowl. We had a couple of invitations to parties but did not want to leave Jake and Jett alone. I think I napped through the entire second half and that suits me just fine!
Its Sunday night and Sunday nights are always depressing to me. But as stressful as my job is and as frustrated as I am with it I do find that I miss my students and I'm always anxious to see them.
One final thought...In Sunday school this morning we discussed how we place to much faith in ourselves and stop putting our faith in God. I have been very guilty of telling my children lately that the only person they can count on is themselves I must stress that they need to put their faith in God and use that to be independent and to serve others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Speak slowly, I'm not fluent in idiot...

I just can't believe that I've encountered so many idiots lately. Including the majority of the crowd at the Jason Aldean concert. When Aldean said that he was backstage talking with Tubberville the crowd booed. It was so embarrassing and you could tell he had no idea what to say to that. And....if Tommy Tubberville was backstage you know he was probably in the audience. They are both people and I'm sure they have feelings, even though they have to be kind of thick skinned. Still, here I was clapping and cheering only to shockingly stop because of all of the booing.
I do not claim to know, well anything really, about football. But, I thought Lubbock(even team Leach) were fine with Tubberville. I mean, he just won a bowl game with another man's recruits who were picked to play a totally different kind of offense (or defense I'm really not sure). I liked Leach. I thought it was cool how he was like a pirate, and I was very disappointed at what it appeared that the Tech leadership was doing to him. Anyway coaches come and coaches go and in the big scheme of things I really just enjoy Tech games for the tailgating.
The point is that I am a very loyal and proud Texan from Lubbock and those idiots humiliated the whole city.
Well enough of that! Last week I encountered a parent who thinks that dyslexia is retardation. I won't even attempt to touch that one. Then there's the one that thinks I am an idiot by pointing out my mistakes to my superiors. Which was a severe blow to my ego. He was right and I just can't handle facing the truth. Still, who regrades every paper their kid brings home and circles the teachers typo's in red??? Get a life or home school people!!!
Speaking of getting a life! There is an idiot sitting in her car in front of my house right now. She can't handle the fact that she ran her husband off 10 years ago and her kids have to spend time with him just as they have done for 10 years. So she pathetically waits for one of them to come out and freeze to death and tell her how much he loves her for 10 minutes. She did have a reason to stop by to deliver a phone charger or someone's prescription or something. But geez move along...go get a pedicure or something. Its good for us mommies to go recharge our batteries when our kids are happily being well cared for by someone who loves them dearly. Not pining away missing them for 24 hours wishing she could still breast feed them!
LOL! Well this took an unexpected fun turn! I am sure I have proven myself an idiot with this blog. But oh well....if you don't like it don't read it!!!! This is my life I can still maintain my class and sparkle while at the same time exposing my crazy fun self!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Everyone has been anticipating this "once in a decade" cold spell. You know that kids all over the South Plains last night were so giddy that they could not sleep. They were too excited at the prospect of missing school today. Aside from the fact that in and of itself snow is an amazing thing that deserves nothing less than excitement from any kid. I love love love it that Rilee came downstairs this morning and immediately bundled up to go outside. Even though she is 12 going on 17 that little girl is still there.
I love being at home. I love getting up, drinking coffee and talking to Tim uninterrupted while he works. That is the time when we re-realize why we are a good team despite our differences. I prefer for the day to remain overcast and it is so cool to wear sweats all day and sit by the fire. I do find it funny that it is too icky to go to school, but Jake still comes to me and asks, "What are we gonna do today?" Then suggests all of the places we should go. He is making brownies at this very moment. I finally told him he could after he only asked me about 57 times. We will have to play Just Dance later to work off the brownies since it is not a 'go to the gym' kind of day.
Since, I could hire someone to live in my laundry room and keep the laundry going 24/7 it is a great feeling knowing that I may make enough progress to temporarily clear it out by this evening.
On the down side of cold snowy days are the dogs. They must stay inside the entire day. They stink, they shed, and one of them chooses to mark his territory. I am not one of these people who accepts dog (or any mammal's) pee. I want it cleaned up and sanitized. Tim gave Rilee $10 to give them a bath which may help the odor and shedding, but that doesn't change the fact that I have a dog tied to my coffee table(b/c he pees). Can you get anymore redneck than that?
Still, I love these days. I will watch movies, do laundry and eat the "pizza in a pot" which is cooking in the crock pot and I won't even give the fact that I will be in school on Good Friday a second thought.