Monday, February 15, 2010

Maybe I am just not a blogger!

Since it has been almost 2 months since I wrote anything. I did try to post pictures one night, but that was a slow computer night, so I abandoned that job. I also have to fight for computer time, which screams that I am a bad mom and let my children stay on the computer way to long. I should just man up and tell them that I pay for the internet and the computer and they need to get off and go organize something in their room. Even if I limit computer time and we have all six kids it could be hours before I can squeeze any time in. Orrr....lets just face it I am usually just to tired to get on.
Its hard to know what to write about. We have been up to quite a bit lately. Jake and Jett just finished playing on a MOB basket ball team. It was really fun for Tim and I to be parents on the same team. That will be a rare occurance. I'm sure it burned the other mom up. She just needs to get over it and get a life already. Anyway Jake and Jett had a great time. I felt so sorry for Jake after the last game he was so sad all evening, he hated to see it end.
Haylee and Rilee have just been dancing away. They are both on teams now. We had our big parent meeting at the gym a few weeks ago. It always gives me a major anxiety attack to go to those. They want us to spend 11 yes ELEVEN days in San Antonio for nationals. I felt like I was the only one in the room hyperventalating. I guess everyone else can afford $200 a night in a hotel for 10 nights. I love their dance teachers and I love Talent Plus but that is ridiculous to me. Then, I have this feeling of guilt for wanting to be on a team but not want to fully participate. So we have a dance dilema!
Chase is busy with soccer and just finished wrestling(yes Lubbock schools have wrestling teams) they are not like cage fighting but, they do wear odd little outfits. Baseball is coming up and Tim and Chase are both really excited about that. We got to see McKenna sing in the all Reagion choir. She has a really pretty voice.
I spend all of my time these days in the laundry room, at Sams, United or Walmart, or at school. If you ever need me try me at one of those places. Tim spends his time building 3 great spec houses on 110th street in Cooper Ridge. If you are in the market take a look! He also has a house going near Ropes which is taking longer than expected due to the crazy weather. He also has many baseball meetings. I found that baseball=drama. Enough said about that.
Other than those activities and several that I am sure I am forgetting. We are just plugging along trying to deal with the ups and downs of blending a family. I knew it would be hard and it is. Some days...many days I wonder what in the world were we thinking, but I never feel the need to give up. I know things are gonna be tough sometimes and great sometimes and truly feel that God will see us through. I have really realized that I can not control situations or people but God can. Maybe Tim and I don't deserve it but our kids do and He will take care of them and bless us all with grace and mercy. Some day I think it would be good to bless everyone who reads this with more specific stories and it would probably be good for me to write them. But it is hard to know how to approach it and I just need to think about it a little more before I let it all hang out.
So for now blessing to all!

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