Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One of "those" Mondays

Yes, Yesterday was one of those Mondays where I questioned whether or not I would rather be in school. It was really our first Monday at home since school's been out. The pool is closed and Monday is just really a good day for laundry and chores to prepare for the rest of the week. "Prepare" is the key word here! Which we weren't today when a realtor wanted to show the house.
I have a chore chart on the fridge which I think is the most fair way for each person to be a responsible member of our household. Basically we have 3 full time kids and 3 part time kids, but we are a family 100% of the time. Still, fairness is always an issue which you can imagine. Fairness is actually an issue in any situation where two or more children is involved. Anyway...I feel that I have created a chart that gets our house in order and ready for the week. The heavy chores and laundry take place on Monday and just freshen things up during the week. Chores have to be done by 3 P.M. I should just start by saying that I felt gross all day I think because of allergy medicine. We have my 3 kids only this week and 2 of them have extra chores to pay for the data plan on their phones. So I had 2 kids who got their chores done but needed to be touched up and redone and one who complained(about fairness) all day and never finished. I had to ask several times for laundry and one child never brought theirs down. So we showed the house today with clothes all over the laundry room and bathrooms that never got cleaned and someone got their Iphone taken away. So to sum it up it was a day of much nagging by me, complaining by others and we topped it off with that panicky unprepared feeling when we showed the house this afternoon. All of these things my brilliant chore chart is supposed to keep from happening. I'm sure there are other versions of this story, but mine is the one we will stick with since I am the Queen of this household!
This may not be one of my more positive posts, but we are blessed with the same imperfections as any other American family!!!

I will write a blog about cell phones, chore charts, fairness, etc...sometime when I am feeling a little braver...as I am sure toes will be stepped on and judgments will be made!

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