Sunday, June 26, 2011

Planning the next phase....

Last week was a great week! Two desires of our family (or certain members) were fulfilled! In no particular order a house plan for our new house and a car for, soon to be 16, Haylee.
I will start with the house plan. We have been trying to sell our house since the new year began. We haven't had any luck. But we have decided that we will build "our" house as a spec. This is kind of complicated in the banking and building world, so lets just say I am finally very excited to see my "dream home for now" materialize. I say, "dream home for now" because this is what I want to meet our needs for now. As our life changes so will my dream home. Tim and I have searched and searched for a plan that will fit our family and fit on a weird shaped lot. Let me just tell you my criteria....1) pretty staircase in the entry(I love the movie, Gone with the Wind!) 2) two story living room and entry 3) isolated master with a bay window and a big bathtub in the middle of the bathroom with a fancy chandelier hanging above. So to find those things and accommodate a family of 8 is no small task. Well after many many hours of searching the web I found it and to top it off there is a model of the layout in Southlake, Texas. So Tim and I took a trip to the metroplex to view said model home and it is great! We are not so stupid as to build a 7 bedroom house, but with creativity everyone will have their own really cool space. Next step is to get it to the architect and make it work on our lot. Yay!!!
Okay, the car....we just so happen to come across, from my uncle who lives in Bedford, a great deal on a Toyota 4 Runner. Years ago Tim promised our kids to match what ever they made when it came time to get a car. Haylee came up a little short but we worked out the perfect plan. And.... remember earlier in the story we were heading to the metro, well everything just so happened to be in the same area. So we flew in, looked at houses and picked up the car.
I was so excited I couldn't sleep my mind would race back and forth from house to car, house to car. The things that pop into your mind when your first child is about to turn 16 are unbelievable, so many scenarios of our life is going to change. I will have to blog my thoughts later.
Its seems the next phase of our family journey is underway and I am certain there will be bumps, but every single person/family on this planet has their issues, so we are just going to enjoy this journey! Can't wait!!!

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